I have known Lesely Arfin for eleventy-billion years. There’s no one better on earth than Lesley Arfin. Lesley is my friend.

Lesley writes on the HBO show Girls so naturally, some people wrote some stuff on the Internet about her. The stuff they wrote made me pretty mad. The kind of mad that…

“Lesley Arfin is my friend, and I don’t think she’s racist or tone-deaf or try-hard or anything and a the best way for me to defend her from those charges is by linking to a post called ‘The Lynching of Lesley Arfin’ by Gavin McInnes.”

it’s not actually a grave injustice (let alone a “lynching,” christ) when a bunch of people say your friend writes like a huge asshole. maybe she just writes like a huge asshole.

I’m delighted that person is Gavin McInnes.” Wait, you mean this Gavin McInnes? Delightful!