“Having been routed on the battlefield, conservatives are now guerilla fighters. We are truly a minority counterculture. And the first thing we should do is step away from politics for a while. Only a fool or a sadist will tune into Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham or Rush Limbaugh in the next few days, because in the next few days — months — they will not be telling you the truth. Because the truth has nothing to do with Republican soul searching. The truth is that America is now a leftist country. It’s Rachel Maddow and Jeremiah Wright’s country. You know that divorced fortysomething female neighbor of yours? The one who’s not half as bright as she thinks she is, and doesn’t know much about Libya or the national debt, but watches Katie Couric’s new show and just kind of didn’t like Romney because she, well, just kind of didn’t like him? America is now her country. It’s Dingbatville.”